What is right?

My sister told me this interesting story last weekend about how she watched a dog being taking from her young puppies to be slaughtered to serve as dinner for a family. She is very good at describing, it wasn’t a surprise therefore when i saw myself dreaming about the event as though i was there. The fear in the eyes of those puppies, knowing they will never see their mother again. They must have moaned and cried forever that night… All i could ask eventually is: What Is Right?

Dog meat is a delicacy in so many cultures today, in Korea for example dogs are actually reared for that, much the same as we rear cattle and chicken. The major problem i have is the fact that some people change the use of the animal, from the original function they intended for it. For example you buy the dog as a pet, the next thing it serves as meat. It is the most cruel thing to do. Psychologically the animal has seen you as a safe haven and then all of a sudden you turn it into game? That is so not right.

Every thing is culturally relative eventually. We cannot tell a particular culture to stop consuming dog meat because a group of people do not like the idea. After all some people keep rabbits, pigs and even cows as pets, but such people can only frown when their friends eat them.

As much as possible let butchers try their hardest to minimize the pain experienced by the animal when they are slaughtered.

This is a Food 4 Thought… Hope you have been sufficiently enriched!