Sometimes you step out of your house and you have no idea what you are up against. Some days are just packed with meanings and signs saying, ‘this is going to be an awful day, don’t step out’. Most of the time we ignore the small man in there and go out, just on few occasions do we obey. The truth is, our decision to obey
or disobey those warnings can set us apart from the dead and the living.
Reading the newspaper columns you read of experiences of people who cheated death by just a strand of a hair. How did they do it.. Such ones often recall feelings like ‘I felt funny that day’ or ‘I wasn’t just up for it’. What really informs us when something will go wrong?
This feeling has generally been referred to as intuitions. In fact, some say that even though you might not be sure of what exactly that feeling is at that particular moment, intuition offer credible information that something bad is about to happen.
It is largely accepted also that females tend to be more intuitive than men. In other words, females are more likelier to cheat death than men.. hehehe just kidding! But eventually it boils down to that. A friend of mine narrated a story of how he cheated death yesterday. His story has made me question the credibility of intuitions.
According to him, he woke up in the morning and went to his friend’s place while there, he tripped over a stone and fell into filth, he had to return home to clean up. As if that was not enough he was late for an appointment and decided to use a taxi, while in the taxi a motorist ran head on into the taxi and he was seated at the back
seat. At that point he returned home… According to him, his tripping over that stone was ample sign that something was going to go wrong.
The thing with intuitions is that they are so illogical sometimes… What is so austere about tripping and falling? It happens. Most of the time busy people do not even have the time to analyse every single detail in an event, they just continue. No wonder when tragedy strike most times, it is often the workaholics that are majorly affected.
So does this new line of reasoning mean that perhaps intuition comes with paying attention, and that perhaps the reason why more females than males are more intuitive is because they pay more attention to events and activities of the day than their male counterparts.
We could go on forever rambling about the nature of intuition. But one thing I know for sure, intuition is a life saver, and can also make u a coward, so use that eccentric feeling wisely.
This is a Food 4 Thought, hope that was enriching!