All good things and people have an End

Sometimes we avoid saying the truth when it is staring right at us. It is really very easy to lie to ourselves at the very obvious. Then i wonder, is this an attempt to save ourselves from some inevitable reality of life? Or it is just mainly for want of having a good feeling all the time. It is sort of like a mother telling her two year old daughter never to come near the stove or a monster will attack her. Yes, you might say, ‘this has some protective value though it is a lie’. It stands to wonder though whether we as individuals lie to ourselves, to perhaps protect ourselves, from lies or truths.

Avoiding sounding pessimistic is not my goal here anyway, but a real need for the truth. The truth that the eventuality of all is the end. That all good things don’t last forever neither do good people. There is no pessimism here but realism. I wonder really if life is indeed Pessimistic? The realities eventually often end up being just this.

You can’t eat your favorite meal every day and still feel the same way about it. Neither can you ‘eat your cake and have it’. I mean eventually it will come to an end. So it is with men. Great men exist sometimes for a few years, but their inventions live for countless of years.

Yes, good people might be forgotten long after they are gone but their contributions to society will live for countless of years to come.

A tribute to Steve Jobs

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