Our senses

So many theories have suggested that perhaps, humans have an extra sense. The fact that there are some humans who often have some extra sensory ability cannot just be a bases, should it?

What i do know is that some people have their senses more sensitive than others. Hence, they react spontaneously to the tinniest of stimulation. Some theorists have even advocated that we can indeed measure the extent to which we should, as humans, be able to perceive.

To me being sensitive goes beyond just physiology. Sensitivity also has a major input socially. A sensitive person for instance, will be very cautious and will tend to understand his friends better. Before there is a problem he will be able to diffuse the situation. A sensitive person naturally never gets into a fight. Will strive the hardest in ensuring peace.Now i wonder how society will be if all persons were sensitive. It will some what be like Kant’s state of nature… If only wishes could come true.

Let’s strive hard really to promote our sensory abilities, socially and just see what may happen


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