Underneath the shadow of the clouds

Sometimes you get so bright that it is so difficult to look into the sky for fear of getting hit by the dangerous heat from up on high.
Even with my shades, which humans can’t see passed, you somehow find a way of seeing passed my eyes.
I sweat all over, you show no mercy as my blood pressure seems on the rise.
I know you are angry about all the ruin but your intensity may cause us to die
The gentle clouds come from yonder and shield me from the scorch,
But no sooner had i rejoiced was i baked again by the fury of the sun
Somewhere in Canada, someone begs and prays for you to come, so they can have fun
But here i am begging to hide underneath another.
Oh how beautiful it will be, if you can be can be replaced with thunder

But all i want right now is not for you to go oh sun, but for me to rest a while, oh just a little while longer, underneath the shadow of the clouds.