I looked at the picture hanging on the wall of my bedroom.

For some reason it seemed different.

It had always hung at that wall, same position, nothing had changed.

What was it about this picture that seemed so different now?

It came alive before my eyes, and I soon began to doubt my consciousness.

I was walking on the unpaved ground, I could hear the water fall falling somewhere behind the canopies.

The sun looked fresh as it rose in the distance. The clouds ran in opposite directions as they made way for the clear summer sky.

The birds sang so beautifully, as though I was in “Enchanted”.

The floor was cool and warm all at the same time. The sand hugged my toes in the right places.

I paraded the beautiful forest for several hours it felt. I ran to the cottage I spotted from a far.

The smell of fresh pastry filled my nostrils and I was too enthralled to restrain myself.

But the faster I ran toward the cottage the farther it seemed.

The forest got darker and colder as I got closer to the cottage. The delicious pastry smell was soon replaced with the smell of sand mixed with angry wind.

The trees began pelting stones at me as they danced in the wind.

I heard my name from the distance and tried to answer but I couldn’t. I began to worry, and fear I was lost.

I woke up drenched in my own sweat looking at the portrait that hung on my wall.