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A Fullness in Brevity - Adam Byatt

People love to dream of what they could achieve.

I dream about what I could achieve as a writer. You may dream about what you can achieve your creative sphere: in music, painting, sculpture, cooking, gardening, craft.

When I began writing three years ago, I didn’t have a dream of what I wanted to achieve. I began to write because it was something that was burning in me to do. As time has progressed, my vision has become clearer in regards to what I want.

I dream of having books published.

I dream of earning passive income through the books I write.

I dream of becoming a known blogger in the areas of writing and creativity.

I dream of seeing my name on the list of nominees for the Miles Franklin Literary Award (a prestigious literary award in Australia).

Recently I wrote down the projects I wanted to complete. Written…

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When I was younger…

When I was younger I believed everything I heard especially if it came from an adult.

I took the simplest joke literal. I used to believe that if you swallow an orange seed when eating an orange for instance, an orange tree will grow from your stomach. I have no idea why I took this so seriously. It was one of those myths your mum would say to you to prevent you from swallowing fruit seeds. So whenever I had an orange or an apple I was extra cautious (I still am x-x). Anyway, the sad thing with such myths is that you only discover the truth when you are older 😦

When I was younger I used to think God heard prayers in turns, so I’ll wait for my sister to end her prayer before I began mine… now that I think of it I can’t help but laugh. hahaha

When I was younger I was told that if you take lots of candies you could end up with pile. Of course I didn’t stop eating sweets I just did not eat candies as much as kids my age did.

When I was younger I used to be a fan of the Nickelodeon Kenan and Kel show. Kel was my favourite character because of his ‘who wants an orange soda?’ line. Anyway when I was in high school a rumour started that he was dead. I was so heartbroken and sad. Though the show had ended by then, I just couldn’t believe it.

For some strange reason earlier this year I decided to google Kel Mitchel and guess what I found out? He was alive and well. Someone had started some hoax and it went viral!

When I was younger I enjoyed watching Sound of Music… I still do. I can still sing all the songs. I used to say, ‘anyone who never watched Sound of Music had a deprived childhood.’ Hahaha.

Anyway,growing up I heard this crazy rumour that Gretl the youngest Von Trapp, died in a plane crash. Thinking back now the reason I was so hurt was because I was the same age with Gretl so it felt like I had lost a friend.

Quite recently I was watching an old episode of Oprah when she dedicated an entire show to Sound of Music. I almost fell off the couch when all the actors that played the Von Trapp children including Gretl (Kym Karath) came on stage.

It was at that point I realised that that story was a hoax of some sort. I felt so betrayed and angry. The interesting part of all this is that I wasn’t the only one who thought Gretl was dead, many of my friends thought so too.


The fact is when I was younger there was no way of confirming half of the stories I was told or heard. Now that I am older I know better than to believe any rumour I hear because an ear that believes everything never knows the truth.

The most difficult job in the world

Today I googled ‘most difficult job in the world’.  Guess what I got as a reply… Yup, you guessed right, a page full of sites having a list of difficult jobs. I decided to open the first website. 

The website had a list of 15 most stressful  jobs in the world (http://www.keepandshare.com/blog/2011/04/20/15-most-stressful-jobs-in-the-world-do-you-have-one/).

The fourth job on the list of this site made me upset JOB: “freelancer” . I thought to myself. How on earth can the job of a freelancer be harder than being a mother to toddlers!

In my opinion I think motherhood is the most difficult and most challenging job in the world. Saying it doesn’t make it harder than it is, it is just saying what it is. Think about it for a moment. It is the only job on this earth that you don’t get paid for and you are sentenced to compulsory service till your job is complete. It gains no recognition (unless ofcourse you are a celebrity like Kourtney Kardesian or Beyonce), it is energy sapping and psychologically draining.

May be one reason why it never made the list of difficult jobs is because everyone takes the job for granted, and generally the expectation is that the mother should fulfil her ‘role’. I wonder if Mother Nature has any role to play in this sort of thinking?

It is sad that mothers are only recognised long after their kids are no longer toddlers, sometimes they are never recognised at all. Recognition is often dependent on the success of the child. The issue really is not that all mothers should be given a yearly award or anything. I just think all mothers should be appreciated, especially by their children.

I dedicate this post to all mothers for a job well done Image