The most difficult job in the world

Today I googled ‘most difficult job in the world’.  Guess what I got as a reply… Yup, you guessed right, a page full of sites having a list of difficult jobs. I decided to open the first website. 

The website had a list of 15 most stressful  jobs in the world (

The fourth job on the list of this site made me upset JOB: “freelancer” . I thought to myself. How on earth can the job of a freelancer be harder than being a mother to toddlers!

In my opinion I think motherhood is the most difficult and most challenging job in the world. Saying it doesn’t make it harder than it is, it is just saying what it is. Think about it for a moment. It is the only job on this earth that you don’t get paid for and you are sentenced to compulsory service till your job is complete. It gains no recognition (unless ofcourse you are a celebrity like Kourtney Kardesian or Beyonce), it is energy sapping and psychologically draining.

May be one reason why it never made the list of difficult jobs is because everyone takes the job for granted, and generally the expectation is that the mother should fulfil her ‘role’. I wonder if Mother Nature has any role to play in this sort of thinking?

It is sad that mothers are only recognised long after their kids are no longer toddlers, sometimes they are never recognised at all. Recognition is often dependent on the success of the child. The issue really is not that all mothers should be given a yearly award or anything. I just think all mothers should be appreciated, especially by their children.

I dedicate this post to all mothers for a job well done Image


2 thoughts on “The most difficult job in the world

  1. So very true. Motherhood is often excrutiating…step-motherhood, ALWAYS. My newly inherited brood sucks me completely dry and seem to think that I (and their father) exist solely to accommodate their insatiable needs – and to fix their various dysfunctions. I have a chronic and debilitating illness, yet parented my own two by myself. Currently, they’re stretching their wings and flying on their own, so for me to go back to much younger children who seem to be the personification of the ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ generation, is exorbitantly exhausting! I appreciate your having visited my new blog today and ‘liking’ it (thank you), so decided to drop by and learn a little about you also. What an interesting and thoughtful human being you appear to be. Look forward to reading more.

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