When I was younger…

When I was younger I believed everything I heard especially if it came from an adult.

I took the simplest joke literal. I used to believe that if you swallow an orange seed when eating an orange for instance, an orange tree will grow from your stomach. I have no idea why I took this so seriously. It was one of those myths your mum would say to you to prevent you from swallowing fruit seeds. So whenever I had an orange or an apple I was extra cautious (I still am x-x). Anyway, the sad thing with such myths is that you only discover the truth when you are older 😦

When I was younger I used to think God heard prayers in turns, so I’ll wait for my sister to end her prayer before I began mine… now that I think of it I can’t help but laugh. hahaha

When I was younger I was told that if you take lots of candies you could end up with pile. Of course I didn’t stop eating sweets I just did not eat candies as much as kids my age did.

When I was younger I used to be a fan of the Nickelodeon Kenan and Kel show. Kel was my favourite character because of his ‘who wants an orange soda?’ line. Anyway when I was in high school a rumour started that he was dead. I was so heartbroken and sad. Though the show had ended by then, I just couldn’t believe it.

For some strange reason earlier this year I decided to google Kel Mitchel and guess what I found out? He was alive and well. Someone had started some hoax and it went viral!

When I was younger I enjoyed watching Sound of Music… I still do. I can still sing all the songs. I used to say, ‘anyone who never watched Sound of Music had a deprived childhood.’ Hahaha.

Anyway,growing up I heard this crazy rumour that Gretl the youngest Von Trapp, died in a plane crash. Thinking back now the reason I was so hurt was because I was the same age with Gretl so it felt like I had lost a friend.

Quite recently I was watching an old episode of Oprah when she dedicated an entire show to Sound of Music. I almost fell off the couch when all the actors that played the Von Trapp children including Gretl (Kym Karath) came on stage.

It was at that point I realised that that story was a hoax of some sort. I felt so betrayed and angry. The interesting part of all this is that I wasn’t the only one who thought Gretl was dead, many of my friends thought so too.


The fact is when I was younger there was no way of confirming half of the stories I was told or heard. Now that I am older I know better than to believe any rumour I hear because an ear that believes everything never knows the truth.


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