Watching the Night sky

I’v never seen the sky so dark and bright.
A new day was set to start, but the night battled with the day
The wind was cool and breezy, I felt quite sleepy.
Gathered in the field we knew we had to stay awake
I saw at one end of the sky a bright light streaming from a massive object. The light came down in streaks like a space ship on a search for earthlings. I wasn’t asleep.
I could hear the commandant yelling at the distance. But all I could see was the space ship lightening the night sky.
As it descended to the field I could hear its engines, at that point I realised it was an aeroplane.
The band started playing. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the approaching aeroplane, in a squint i attempted to read the name of the airline. It was a Virgin Atlantic aircraft. It was beautiful watching it descend. Till it finally disappeared!