A bite of the apple


I am not an apple fan boy. If I were I’ll probably do one of these ( you should read it, you’ll be amazed). Apple products are phenomenal. I had my first official bite of the apple 2years ago, since then I have been hooked. I can’t imagine using any other phone but the iPhone.

When I first got my iPhone I had some problems; I found it quite difficult understanding the relationship between iTunes and the iPhone, the fact that I couldn’t use my Bluetooth to transfer media files to non- IPhones (like I did with my previous phones) got me frustrated. There was a time I had headaches when swiping through apps on the screen or when the apps start wobbling perhaps after accidentally holding down an app for too long (if you have ever had an apple touch screen device you’ll understand what I mean ;)).

With all the challenges I had, I was more inclined to continue to learn more about my phone. It was a new experience for me. Whenever I had difficulties (transferring a file, creating a ringtone) I endeavoured to figure out a solution. The apple support community also answered my many questions. I have to admit, my phone made me more interested in computers and technology.

Are IPhones the best phones in the world? Hmmmmm I’ll most likely say yes. Considering the number of apps I’m exposed to on app store alone, the variety of music, videos the list is endless. Once you have a bite of the apple you’ll want to eat up the rest of the fruit. That is why it is not uncommon to see folks having iPhones along with iPads, iPods, Macs. I mean can you blame them?

Am I a fan boy? Most definetly no. I just think IPhones are beautiful, and there is nothing wrong in having a bite of the apple