Time will tell

Tick tock tick tock.

Seconds turn into minutes,

Minutes into hours,

Hours into days.

Waiting- Just waiting for inspiration.

Waiting for the motivation.

Waiting for the kick.

It is hot and humid, my brain is fried.

I must meet the deadline, so I try. 

First draft, not good enough,

Second, too quirky,

Third… May be I’m not that blocked.

I’m going to write about this. Write about now. Write about how I feel.

Write about how hard it is to write when you’re time bound. 

Pour out my thoughts just hoping for some order. 

Waiting, believing my writer’s block will be over. 

But with things like this I know; only Time will tell


Watching the Night sky

I’v never seen the sky so dark and bright.
A new day was set to start, but the night battled with the day
The wind was cool and breezy, I felt quite sleepy.
Gathered in the field we knew we had to stay awake
I saw at one end of the sky a bright light streaming from a massive object. The light came down in streaks like a space ship on a search for earthlings. I wasn’t asleep.
I could hear the commandant yelling at the distance. But all I could see was the space ship lightening the night sky.
As it descended to the field I could hear its engines, at that point I realised it was an aeroplane.
The band started playing. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the approaching aeroplane, in a squint i attempted to read the name of the airline. It was a Virgin Atlantic aircraft. It was beautiful watching it descend. Till it finally disappeared!

We Had nothing

No stars in sight,

We knew the dawn was near,

The wet grass, the thick fog, the noisy toads,

We also knew fear,

Howls, barks, rods.

The race toward the light,

Still eyes pinned to the beam,

Silence masked breathing,

The wait.

The struggle and fight,

The want for one thing.

Our light is deem,

Farther than ever now.

It is leaving without us.

It disappears .

We had nothing.