The silent treatment

I saw this competition about two months ago. I have to admit, procrastination got the better part of me. Thank goodness, I have finally completed this story. Incase you are wondering what competition this is, it is a TNC competition which involves completing the story in time shifts of two. I gave it a shot and I think you should too (Deadline: Nov 5). Have fun reading mine and do well to comment and like.

My story begins after the bold


Aigbe smiled callously as he watched Esosa tumble backwards onto the floor. He thought to himself that she quite looked like a fish out of water – flailing about, reaching for support that would not be forthcoming. His smile very quickly evolved into a cruel laugh as he watched the back of her head crash onto the cold, tiled floor with a sickening, wet sound. Leaping astride her semi-conscious body, he rained three solid blows onto her torso, working his way from her lower ribcage to her sternum. She yelped, shook and choked with each blow, unable to fight back.

“You are the one that will die, not me, Stupid Harlot!”

He spat into her face as the last blow landed and she choked violently, jerking with the impact of the blow and recoiling from the glob of projectile spittle that had hit her face.

“You! Are! A! Mad! Dirty! Prostitute!”

Each word was punctuated by a slap that sent waves of pain coursing through Esosa’s head. She could barely speak or shout or scream in protest, much less move. She felt herself start to slip into a numb blackness but she tried to hold on. Aigbe wrapped his hands around her neck and muttered.

“Witch! Harlot! Your plan has failed!”

Esosa closed her eyes and let the numbing darkness take her as her husband choked the remaining life from her, his wedding ring pressing against her carotid artery.

2 hours earlier

Esosa smiled to herself as she poured the brown powder into the bottle of Merlot. She re-corked it and shook it violently until the powder began to dissolve. She knew Aigbe was already on his way home from the supermarket. She came home from the office every afternoon to make lunch since her office was only a few minutes from the house. She dished out some jollof rice into his plate and left it in the oven. A perfect meal with his favourite drink, “a farewell dinner” she thought. She started for the door, just then the door knob turned, Aigbe had returned.

“Thought you were going to spend the whole afternoon there.” she blurted out trying to sound natural.

“Good thing I didn’t, the shop assistant was so slow. You are in a rush, everything okay at the office?” he observed her sweaty forehead and shaky hands.

“Not really I just got a call. I have to go, would be back shortly.” Esosa dashed out of the house.

He knew she was lying. He always knew when she was lying. It was the way her eyes avoided his, her body language. Her countenance today was even stranger than the day she started the affair. Esosa was like an open book just waiting to be read. He smiled and watched her manoeuvre the car out of the drive way. What was she scheming now? Aigbe thought to himself.

2 days earlier

Esosa sat in Tunde’s car, he was on the phone. It was raining; each drop of rain drummed heavily on the wind screen, drowning out Tunde’s conversation. Esosa sat quietly admiring her lover. The more she looked at him the more she rationalised her affair. Tunde was such a perfect gentleman- a debonair.

She had tried her best to avoid having any conversation with Aigbe, so she resumed the ‘silent treatment’ at the slightest misunderstanding. For two months though, she noticed Aigbe was really trying to save their marriage, but she didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Tunde had already stolen her heart and there was nothing he could do about that.

“So whats for dinner?” Tunde suddenly asked; he had just hung up.

“I am not very hungry tonight”

“What’s wrong? I noticed you were very moody in the office “

“Whenever I am with you I am so happy, yet I feel guilty. I just want to do things right Tunde.”

“So what are you suggesting? You want to confess us to the Drunk, so he can flip and God knows what he would do to you…”

“What do you suggest I do? I am tired of lying to myself. I just want to be with you without having to check my back if anyone was watching. I want the world to know we are a couple. But there is Aigbe on the other hand. I just wish he could disappear from my life.” tears welled up in her eyes.

“You know he can disappear without a trace if you want.”


“There is this pharmacist who lives down my street who sells a certain drug that can make Aigbe disappear forever.” he paused then place his hand on her left shoulder and massaged slowly, he always knew where the stain was, she thought. “With your permission I could purchase it.” he continued, grinning widely.

“Really? You really think it would work?”

2 months earlier

Aigbe searched his wife’s eyes intensely. She was glowing. He hadn’t seen her so radiant in over a year. Esosa was always moody and unexciting, a complete contrast with the woman he had fallen in love with. He was not a believer in marriage till he met Esosa. She was the perfect girl and he knew he couldn’t let her go. If only he was told that marriage changes people, he would never have proposed to her. Tonight however, she looked so happy just like old times. Aigbe watched his wife as she walked to the bedroom, she had just returned from work. They hadn’t spoken in several weeks so it would be totally out of place to ask her any question. “To hell with it” he muttered to himself. He gulped down his third glass of merlot and followed her to the bedroom.

“How was work today?” he blurted out. He couldn’t believe he was the one ending this silence that she started.

“It was way better than staying at home drinking” she yelled back two decibels higher than necessary, slamming the bathroom door behind her.

Aigbe laughed heartily. He had no idea why he was laughing, he just loved pissing off Esosa and she always fell for it.

“Listen we need to talk, I’m in the living room waiting.”

She didn’t respond. She sobbed softly in the bathroom and waited for him to leave the room before coming out of the bathroom. Aigbe had changed. She knew she had made a mistake and that Mama was right. Aigbe was unemployed and was not searching for a job, his so- called company was just a scam.

She lay on the bed still fully clothed. She brought her left arm to her nostrils and inhaled all of his cologne left on her Hawes and Curtis shirt; it was a strong and reassuring smell. She was a good person, and she never wanted this, but she was in love with Tunde. This affair had only been on for about a month but she felt guilty. Keeping the affair secret was easy because she didn’t have to talk to Aigbe. She had started the ‘silent treatment’ with him and he was responding well to it. He had stopped speaking to her completely, and didn’t even respond to her greetings, only occasionally when she came home to make lunch did they speak, aside from that he was practically mute. Today however was different. Why had he come to the room to start a conversation? Did this mean the ‘silent treatment’ was over?

2 years earlier

Esosa gawked at her engagement ring for hours. She never took it off, not even to take her bath. It had only been two weeks since Aigbe proposed to her, and she couldn’t wait to be married. Aigbe was everything she ever wanted-at least most of it; he was tall, handsome and he had a charisma. He was her childhood crush and she didn’t mind waiting for so long before she finally got the chance to be his girl friend. “She was the lucky one”, she thought to herself.

“Esosa I am very happy about this news. But are you sure Aigbe is the one? You have waited so patiently my daughter , I don’t…”

“Mama I am sure. He is just perfect I have known him since secondary school and I just know he is the right one.”

“But you know he doesn’t have a job, how do you intend to feed your family if the head cannot provide.”

“Mama he does. I have told you before that Aigbe has his own company, he is doing quite well on his own. Mama please all I need is your support, I don’t’ want to start doubting Aigbe at this stage of our relationship.”

Mama was not happy. Esosa knew it, but she was the least concerned about her mother’s feelings.

2 minutes after Now

Aigbe choked the life out of Esosa. He had grown mad with fury. He checked the house as soon as she drove out and found nothing out of place. Her suspicious behaviour made him paranoid. He decided against eating his meal. When he picked up his bottle of Merlot he noticed the bottle was warmer than usual.
He smiled to himself- he had finally found the glitch in her plan. He patiently awaited her arrival from work.

Holding his wife’s lifeless body now, Aigbe stared in shock at what he had done.